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Energy Auditing

Custom Energy & Emission Reduction Solutions

German Gulf Engineering Consultants – Energy Auditing

German Gulf Engineering Consultants is an innovative technology company providing custom energy & emission reduction solutions. Our experts specialize in improving building and process efficiencies for industry owners, ESCO service providers, and retrofit practitioners. We employ a strong workforce equipped with certifications like Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Certified Measurement Verification Professional (CMVP), Existing Building Commissioning Professional (EBCP), Estidama Qualified Professionals, DEWA Approved Engineers & LEED APs who will enable your projects to distinguish yourself from the rest of the market competitors.

Our team is capable in enabling the following services

  • Energy Management Life Cycle Analysis
  • ESCO Services – Audits/M&V/ Financial & Savings Analysis
  • Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofits – Complete MEP Retrofits
  • Energy Based Annual Maintenance Services

The general Energy Auditing process for your building systems will begin with the project case building, analyzing the needs followed by performing a detailed analysis of existing systems where we will be able to highlight deficiencies and major areas of improvement. With this, your systems will be able to guarantee their contribution to environmental sustainability. The basic workflow of an energy audit for any system will be as follows:

  • Case Building and Pre-Walkthrough Study determining the needs and areas of interest.
  • 2. Walkthrough Audits and data collections with existing system components.
  • 3. Detailed Analysis of data collected highlighting energy deficiencies and waste.
  • 4. Mapping of latest up-to-date Energy Savings methods for each critical area.
  • 5. Final Audit Report detailing the highlighted areas of improvement and sustainability-friendly solutions.

Our team practices an integrative design approach that helps us transform client buildings from energy hogs into more comfortable, livable, and workable spaces that can help usher in an efficient and renewable energy era. Integrative design is a highly collaborative and iterative design process that promotes resource efficiency. It employs whole systems thinking to derive multiple benefits from single expenditures, often economically justifying much larger resource savings than is typically achieved. The integrative design applies clear principles and practices that are often ignored and seldom combined during a retrofit process. Performing Energy Audits will allow you to improve sustainability, lower costs, reduce waste and improve efficiencies on all your building and process services. Feel free to email your inquiries or call us to collaborate on future opportunities and projects.

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