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Utilities Design

Utilities Design Services

German Gulf is one of UAE’s leading infrastructure companies specialized in the estimation and utility design of wet and dry systems for industrial, commercial/retail, and office properties. Focusing on effectiveness, security, maintenance, and the surroundings, we help you create utility infrastructure solutions to meet your present needs, while planning for future development and demand. Our Engineering consultant can help existing developments advance to more well-organized and money-spinning utility systems, such as implementing cleaner energy solutions or expanding sewer lines to areas with failed septic systems.

Our utility services include hydraulic modeling of potable water, irrigation, sewerage, industrial water and wastewater systems, permissions, design, and Compliance, pumping system design coordination with the local authorities to obtain NOC.

Our key utility services include

  • Calculation of demands and loads for all utilities
  • Hydraulic modelling of the potable water, irrigation, sewerage and storm water networks
  • Design and analysis of electrical & telecom networks and demands
  • Design and analysis of the hydraulic models based on the calculated demands
  • Study of substation location and loading capacities for the development
  • Coordination with the local authorities and local consultants for authority approvals
  • Coordination with the local authorities to obtain No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for the concept design and demand calculations

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